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Ezio Andreta



In 1965 Mr. Andreta obtained a Degree in Political Science with highest honours and a medal at the “Università di Genova”.

Post-graduate specializations achieved in "Economics and International Relations" at the University of Lyon, in "Economics and monetary problems" at the London's School of Economics and Political Sciences " and in "Economics applied to oil industries" at the Institut Francais du Pétrole and at the “Frankel Institute” in Geneva.

Since 1972 at the European Commission, as Head and Director of Division, Mr Andreta holds various positions of importance in the field of energy, international relations and research and innovation and undertakes the important positions of Representative of the European Commission at the OECD and at the United Nations and Head of Delegation in international negotiations and with third countries.

He was Chairman of the Scientific Committee at the “Centro Sviluppo Materiali Speciali” in Rome, member of the Scientific Committe at the “Istituto di ricerca della Lombardia (IRER)”, “Scuola Sant’Anna di Pisa”, “Alta Scuola di formazione del Politecnico di Milano” and member of the General Scientific Council of the National Research Council and of the Fondazione Snaidero.

In 2008 he was appointed single Commissary of the Italian Agency for Innovation.

He is currently President of the Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE) and of Distretto Tecnologico Ligure (SIIT) and Advisor to the President of the National Research Council for European Affairs and for the project “Foresight Italy”. 


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