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Evi Sachini



Evi Sachini is the Director of the National Documentation Centre (EKT), member of the board of directors of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF), vice-chair of the board of directors of the Greek Free/Open Source Society (GFOSS) and member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Network for Research and Technology (GRNET). Dr Ε. Sachini holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. She has worked at the National Documentation Centre (EKT) since 1997, as the Head of the Strategic Planning & Development Department of the organization and, since 2013, as its Director. Dr. Ε. Sachini has led over 75 development projects with a budget of over 50 million Euro that have substantially contributed to the cultivation and fostering of the Greek knowledge ecosystem. She is one of the top Greek experts in issues of strategic development of research e-infrastructures and the creation of value chains for excellent scientific/cultural content and data. She has led some of the most important initiatives in the area of Libraries, E-science, information infrastructures and the science of science policy in Greece, including the national network of public & municipal libraries, the creation of one of the biggest research data centers in Greece, the provision of repository services for research and cultural institutions, the establishment of reliable metrics for Research, Development and Innovation, the creation of the largest aggregator for excellent e-content and the establishment of the largest open access e-publisher in Greece, and the creation of the Registry for Greek Researchers & Innovative Enterprises. Dr Ε. Sachini has served as a national expert and representative to the European Commission on issues of research. innovation, digital libraries, exploitation of research results and the support of the European Research Area.


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