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WiRE214 Conference is hosted by the Greek EU presidency and is organized by the National Documentation Centre of Greece (EKT) and the European Commission, in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Research and Technology.

The National Documentation Centre of Greece (EKT)

ektSince 1980, EKT NHRF, the national institution for the aggregation, documentation and dissemination of S&T information, serves the country’s research, education, business communities and the wider public, enabling access to knowledge and facilitating research and innovation (R&I).  Its activities contribute to the development of the Information Society and to the promotion of Innovation.

EKT in Research and Technology: develops the National Information System for Research and Technology (NISRT) and a range of comprehensive services to cultural and scientific institutions across the country, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing technologies with state-of-the-art business models. The organization develops and promotes Greek digital content in science and culture, repositories and digital libraries such as the National Archive of PhD Theses with an aim to facilitate the growth of knowledge through open content and facilities, digital resources, software, collaboration tools and related user-oriented services for R&I. It disseminates research results and innovative technologies to the market, operates the Science and Technology Digital Library, supports the automation and networking of libraries and develops state-of-the-art library tools. EKT encourages investments for a sustainable digital content policy that complies with European standards for transparency, preservation and interoperability. Since 1990, it stimulates and supports the participation of Greek organisations in competitive European research programmes.

EKT and Open Access Initiatives: advocates open access and data initiatives that support the development and implementation of relevant policies for scientific and cultural data. EKT empowers access to significant volume of peer reviewed and quality assured scientific content (, adopts open source software to build and maintain open access e repositories. It contributes to the wider discussion on issues related with Open Access in Greece and promotes open dialogue through targeted information campaign, Open Access Blog, events and conferences (e.g International Open Access Conference).

EKT and Science Metrics: provides the official RDI indicators to Eurostat and publishes reports on R&D performance in Greece. Based on its statutory role for the collection, organization and distribution of scientific information, is efficiently using large volumes of documented data, expertise of human resources and modern technical infrastructures to undertake activities related with mapping research activity in Greece. EKT establishes periodical studies (Study Series for Recording and Mapping Research Activity in Greece), reports on scientific indicators related to scientific publications (bibliometrics), research activity (scientometrics), the use of informational web data and resources (webometrics) and runs the Current Research Information Systems (CRIS).

EKT as a Νational Contact Point for EU programmes: EKT has been designated as Greek National Contact Point (NCP) for FP5, FP6 FP7 and Horizon 2020 and has coordinated the Enterprise Europe Network Hellas (EEN-Hellas; 2008-present) and the Hellenic Innovation Relay Centre (1995-2008). These activities represent key strategic vehicles for consolidating its wide range of information, support and technology transfer services towards the academic and business community. EKT NHRF has a long-standing experience in participating in transnational projects, funded by the Structural Funds and the EU Framework Programmes, and has played a pioneering role in initiatives targeted at the support of research institutions, universities and SMEs in Transnational Collaborations at a Research & Technological level.

EKT in Communicating Research:   EKT has a strong role in communicating research and raising awareness on Research and Innovation. Its activities include the publication of magazine and e-newsletters, the development and operation of several websites (, the organization of Conferences and information days in Greece and the rest of Europe. EKT has established an active network with press officers and multipliers of information across the country.

EKT in Regions of Knowledge: EKT has operated as NCP for the FP7-Regional programme (Research Potential & Regions of Knowledge), has coordinated the European Network of NCPs for Research Potential and has acted as WP Leader for dissemination in the European Network of NCPs for Regions of Knowledge.



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