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Scientific Excellence, Open Data and Knowledge Re-use for Regional Growth

button3The conference topic ‘Scientific Excellence, Open Data and Knowledge re-use for regional growth’ addresses the role of a knowledge based economy in promoting research, innovation and regional development. The utilization of open data and free knowledge-sharing are treated as preconditions for regional growth, entrepreneurship and local development. They will highlight the importance of Science and Technology metrics in designing, planning and monitoring efficient evidence-based regional policies.

Discussions will focus on how to best exploit open public data for entrepreneurial decision-making and development of commercial products/services.Speakers will provide technical information –tools and methodologies- on how knowledge reuse can contribute to regional planning and will present successful examples of enterprises utilizing open data for decision-making and development of services. In this thematic area, we will try to answer questions such as ‘what does it take to transform existing knowledge (open data, research results) into an efficient policy or an entrepreneurial success? How can this process transform traditional business and spaces in Regions?



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