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Business Driving Regional innovation


earth‘Business Driving Regional Innovation’ will examine the links between regional innovation and business performance and will focus on how enterprises can optimally contribute to the regional ecosystem for knowledge-based growth and job creation. In the reformed cohesion policy (2014-2020), Regions are treated as the main facilitators for financial growth and competitive industries lie at the heart of regional development. The European Regional Development Fund will target key priorities such as support for small and medium sized enterprises, smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Based on the widespread experience of regional innovation strategies, sessions in this topic will present key business achievements and best practices regarding the successful integration of Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3). This topic aims to build our understanding on how can Regions create effective synergies between ESIF, H2020 and business and how can they achieve greater co-operation among private and public stakeholders. Policymakers will find answers regarding how to engage enterprises in RIS3 and business representatives will discuss how can they have access to finance in Horizon 2020 and how can they profit from regional policies.



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